Visual Impact Frequency Training Review

Would you like to Maximize your lean muscle mass and gain strength? Id bet you say yes.

Then get ready for a paradigm shift that can potentially sky-rocket your dense mass building and fat loss.

You will learn how to train your nervous system with frequent low volume workouts to achieve fast consistent results.

And it doesnt matter whether you want to lay out a 3 week plan, 10 days, 8 week muscle building program. Its really up to you.

I'm gonna show you a semi-forgotten USSR Olympic Training Secret to Rapid Muscle Density & Definition.

But first lets talk about something odd before we get into the program details.

Why Many Muscle Building Programs Dont Work

Isn't it funny to walk into the gym where you train, and watch the same individuals looking exactly the same month after month and some even year after year?

Why is that? I would suggest that its the way they train that is the problem.

I mean if you do something and it doesnt work, you have to be willing to change it, or you will be stuck forever in the same spot.

I'm not saying that everyone is out of shape just because they dont have big ripped muscles.

The majority of people are NOT lazy and they ARE willing to work hard to hit their goals. Most people I know in the gym train really hard.

But people get bored and discouraged by routines that deliver results at a slow pace. So I'm gonna show you a better way to change your body.. much faster.. and achieve your desired look.

The system is called VIFT, the Visual Impact Frequency Training.

Who Is Behind This Muscle Building Program?

The creator of the Visual Impact Frequency Training program is Rusty Moore. He is a personal trainer and highly successful blogger who himself has trained for nearly 30 years.

During the last three decades he has studied every possible training method from HIT to volume training.

I found his original program (Visual Impact) a couple of years ago. I was immediately impressed with the different approach and mindset regarding muscle building and fat loss.

Rusty has during the past 7 years literally helped thousands of individuals achieve the sought after Lean Hollywood Look.

Why Is This Muscle Building Program Better?

Most routines work, but the fact is that many people train according to a random workout plan. They train too hard and/or too often which leads to a chronic over-training. They might not realize it, but their lack of results proves it.

Conventional thinking says: A muscle gets broken down with intense resistance training, followed by a recovery period of 48-72 hours to stimulate muscle growth and strength gains.

This does work, but careful attention to longer recovery time and especially adaption is important.

Conversely, Olympic weightlifters of the East train in a way that avoids muscle breakdown. This allows them to train each muscle group more often.

The problem with this kind of training is the sole focus on Olympic style lifting. For full body development, it makes sense to incorporate also traditional bodybuilding lifts into our routines.

The Importance Of Frequency And Volume

So the philosophy behind the VIFT program is that we should train more frequently with lower volume, and with heavier weights, but without going to failure.

And since we are not taking our sets to failure we will avoid the breakdown of muscle fibers. This in turn will lead to faster recovery and thus potential muscle growth.

For maximum development the Visual Impact Frequency Training program alternates between an explosive lifting day and a tension irradiation day. You train 5-6 days a week, but the workouts are relatively short.

Who Is This Muscle Building Program For?

Rusty's system the Visual Impact Frequency Training is perhaps not intended for the diehard bodybuilder who cant get big enough.

But its a great program if you want a firm and toned muscular physic. And you can do this without having to kill yourself with hours of high intensity training.

What I like the most about the VIFT program is that I dont have to take my training to failure to see results and therefore dont experience the usual post-workout muscle soreness.

The program contains a complete manual/book with everything explained thoroughly in a nontechnical manner. It has all the routines explained and is actually well written compared to many programs out there. Its very easy to understand and logically explained.

On top of that you get access to the membership site where you will find training instruction videos and more. As a bonus Rusty has included his Visual Impact Diet System you can use to get ripped really fast.

My two cents

I personally recommend that you try out the Visual Impact Frequency Training program. Its a total paradigm shift in training philosophy and it really works.

If you don't see real results with the Visual Impact Frequency Training Program within the first 60 days, Rusty has promised me to refund you every dime. You have nothing to lose.

But please, check out his page for yourself. Who better than Rusty himself can tell you about his muscle building program. Check it out!

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